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Some patients have been gracious enough to take the time to write about their treatment experiences with Professor Liu. The following are a few testimonials:

1 / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I have been experiencing numbness and pain in both my arms for approximately 6 months.  I was told that I suffered from carpal tunnel and that if the condition got worse I would require surgery. 

In conversation with a friend of mine, he indicated that he was taking acupuncture treatments for some of his ailments, from Dr. Liu in Regina that was a world wide expert in acupuncture.  
I told my husband what my friend was doing and my husband’s response to me was “why don’t you try acupuncture for your carpal tunnel problems.”  I immediately called his office and made an appointment. When I went to Dr. Liu’s office he introduced me to the pulse test, a test that he performed on the pulse of each wrist. He then went onto tell me what I suffered from. I must say, I was surprised, as what he advised was problems that I have suffered from for years. 
1.  Muscle tightness & stiffness in upper body, neck and arms     
2.  Weak immune system      
3.  Weak pulse that causing cold feet and hands 

We then went onto discuss the treatments, and how long it would take for my system to be tree of these conditions. Dr. Lu suggested treatments everyday for 15 days and then the condition would be gone, but I would notice relief after a couple of treatments. 
I started the treatments, was nervous about the needles and found them to be painless, the numbness, the tingling in my hands & arms was gone after 4 treatments, and I have not experienced any problems since. 

The stiffness in my neck and upper body is gone.  I am experiencing more movement and rotation of the neck than I have experienced in 5 years. In addition to these, I had him treat my sinuses as I experienced a cold when I was going to him, he treated my sinuses and I feel I have recovered from the common cold quicker than I have at other times. 

After experiencing, these positive results, I would have acupuncture treatments for anything else that I was diagnosed with. 

I found Dr. Liu to be extremely knowledgeable and professional in his diagnoses, treatment and explaining the benefits of acupuncture and how it works.
I would recommend that anyone visit Dr. Liu for a consultation and a treatment to experience the positive outcome for themselves.  I am very grateful for Dr. Liu and the improvements it has made to my health. 

Brenda T.

2 / Fibroids (Uterine Tumors)

To Dr. Liu: A Few Words Hard to Express Our Appreciation

I was diagnosed to have a small fibroid measuring 1 x 1 cm in 2003. My family doctor said it’s pretty common for women at my age. (I was 32 at that time). She didn’t give me any suggestions or advises. 3 years later in 2006, the diagnosis showed that the condition got worse – my uterus contained at least four fibroids, the largest measuring 5.2 x 4.9 cm. My family doctor felt sorry about this, but she said she couldn’t do anything, and I might need surgery. I was scare, and totally disappointed by the family doctor. It seemed that I need to find a solution on my own. 
Since then I started research on how to improve the fibroid condition and how to reduce the fibroid size. I started watching careful what I ate, even bought herbal treatment online. However, not much improvement was observed. In 2008, I got pregnant, however due to different reasons including fibroids, my pregnancy failed within the first three months. 
More unfortunately, along the pregnancy, the fibroid got even bigger by feeding on more female hormones contributed by the pregnancy. Five months after miscarriage, my belly still looked pregnant, and I could feel the hardness under the belly. My OB doctor told me that the largest fibroid already grew to be about 11 x 10 cm, and if the situation couldn’t be improved, I should not try to get pregnant again. I was worried, because I was 37 already, if I didn’t get pregnant sooner, perhaps not many chances left. Once again, I started searching for a solution. One day, I noticed the article about Dr. Liu and his great professional skills, moral and tracking record attracted me. One of his expertises is to treat fibroids!!! Though I didn’t fully believe in what I read and also a bit scared of needles, I had no choice but to try anything that my help. I came to Dr. Liu, he gave me a quick diagnosis and suggest me to try one treatment period for a daily 45-minute acupuncture for 15 days. I took the offer. 

During these 15 days, a miracle happened. I could see that my belly got flatter and flatter every day and the lump under my belly was smaller and smaller. After one treatment period, it’s obvious that my belly almost recovered to the normal, though I could still feel a small lump underneath.  I decided to go for another treatment period. Another 15 days passed, I couldn’t feel the lump anymore. I went to my OB who asked me to do an ultrasound check. Couple of days later, his assistant called me and told me that I could start trying to get pregnant again. She assured me that my fibroid had improved a lot and I didn’t need to worry about it anymore. She didn’t tell me the current size but I knew it wasn’t important for me anymore. I could feel the improved condition on my body: my period became regular, and no pain, discomfort coming along with period and even the volume was much normal. Most importantly, I couldn’t feel any lump underneath my belly!!!

My second treatment period ended last Nov. After I gave a break to my body for a few months, we started trying again this Feb. In March, I was pregnant again. So far, it’s been more than 4 months, the pregnancy has gone well. 

Looking back, I feel so lucky to meet Dr. Liu. I counted him as one of the most important person in my life. Here, a few words are not enough to express how much we appreciate him. I’d like to share this experience, and hope it helps more people who are suffering the inconvenience and pain from fibroids. I hope my story can help you find a good doctor and improve your condition sooner than later. 

3 / Fertility


4 / Fibromyalgia and Weight Loss

I have suffered from fibromyalgia and poor sleep for the last 7 years.  I had breast cancer in March 1994 and after surgery received chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  The treatments caused my body to go into on early menopause. During and after treatments had ended, I suffered from insomnia, fatigue, hot flashes and chronic pain.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by several rheumatologists. 
Because of the breast cancer, I am unable to take estrogen or hormone replacement therapy and continue to suffer from extreme menopausal symptoms, including insomnia, hot flashes, depression, memory and concentration
problems along with weight gain, low energy and numbness in my hands and feet. 
I met Dr. Liu who has been giving me acupuncture treatments.  I received 15 treatments, coming Monday to Friday and am currently receiving every second day. 
I have much improved sleep patterns and more energy.  I have also lost 10 pounds to date.  I will continue to receive treatments from Dr. Liu. 
I am very happy and thankful to Dr. Liu for the success of my treatments. 

Samantha R.

5 / High Blood Pressure

In 1977 my blood pressure was extremely high.  A friend suggested that acupuncture treatments would help and directed me to a Doctor of Acupuncture in Calgary.  Though at the time I followed that advice with hesitation, I have been thankful ever since.  The treatments were completely successful.  No more pills or special diets were necessary. 

I was treated once or twice each year for other problems like migraines and cysts. Others I met also experienced dramatic improvements in conditions of arthritis, circulation and back problems. 

Since coming to Regina I had no further treatments for six years, but this summer when my blood pressure began to cause problems I again looked to acupuncture. I was treated by Doctor Liu, and now my blood pressure is normal! 

Dr. Liu has a Ph.D. in Acupuncture and is a Chinese Medical Doctor. He is a leader in this field. I recommend others to his care and urge them to seek relief through acupuncture. 


6 / Enabling Growth


7 / Allergies

I have suffered with Allergies for several years. I became allergic later in life in my mid 30’s, becoming allergic to mostly grasses pollens, mold, dust and trees & flowers in bloom. Spring, summer and fall were my worst times. 

Previous treatments of pills, serum injected into my arm (treatment for 5 years) and nasal injection for two years had met with only marginal success. Believing there was nothing else that could be done, I put up with the sneezing, runny eyes and general poor health for about 15 years. 

On a business trip to Alberta with my co-worker P. Liang, we had opportunity to discuss his previous treatment for allergies by Acupuncture. Although I suffered, I did not have a lot of faith and hope in alternative medicines and cures let alone someone sticking needles in me so I put the idea away in the memory bank. 

The day before mother’s day this year, our company social club had a social golf tournament in Avonlee. After golfing that day, I already felt fairly ill on the trip home. On Mothers day I was so ill I could hardly get up. My eyes were watering so bad my eyes and eyelids were just raw and it felt like there was a bag of sand in my eyes.  I was so low and discouraged that I thought of what Liang had told me weeks earlier and my wife and I thought I should contact this fellow Liang knew because life was not very pleasant suffering like this if someone could help me.

I seen Liang first thing Monday morning and he past on some information from Dr. Liu. The information showed that this man had lots of credentials so I had a better level of confidence about this whole idea. I contacted Dr. Liu and set up an appointment for that evening. He examined me and suggested that he felt he could help me and gave me my first treatment and acupuncture experience before I left the office.  He suggested that I would need about 15 sessions to complete my treatment.  I thought I would try it for a little while and see what happened being as I lived through the first treatment and it didn’t hurt as much as I figured it surely must. 

After 5 or 6 treatments I started to feel better, but still being somewhat skeptical, I wasn’t 100% convinced that it was due to the acupuncture treatments. After about 8 treatments I was really starting to feel better and inquired to other patience’s that were leaving the Dr. Liu’s office of how they felt. They all said that they were feeling wonderful and had so much energy. Just how I was presently feeling. At this point I decided to stay the course and have the 15 treatments and see what happens. 

I had told Dr. Liu that I had been taken some medicated nose spray as prescribed by my normal Dr. and wondered if I should stop taken this medicine. He suggested that not to quit just yet. He also suggested that there was some Chinese medicine that he could give me to help with my condition but didn’t push it. 

After about 11 or 12 treatments I felt like I could wrestle an alligator. I went out and played golf again walking 18 holes carrying my golf clubs. This was a feet I hadn’t been able to do in years.  
After the initial 15 treatments I was feeling excellent but Dr. Liu suggested I should have a few more treatments, possibly 3 to 5. Being as I felt so good and didn’t want the negative effects of the allergies to come back I elected to do this as well. 
The day before my last treatment (# 20) I asked Dr.Liu when I should come back for a follow up of further treatment. He suggested that I shouldn’t have to come back even at all this year. Possibly next year if I were to feel some ill effects but probably wouldn’t need it. 

I then asked him about this Chinese medicine that he had previously mentioned, if I would require this medicine. He said no. He didn’t feel I would need this. This surprised me very much as I figured there must be some other thing than just acupuncture, but the answer was NO. 

I had quite taken any medicine at all since about my 13 treatment and have taken none since and continue to feel excellent and have a lot of energy. 

Since the treatments, I have re-landscaped my back yard working with dirt, trees, flowers and grass. This is a feet that I would not have undertaken in the last 10 years. I didn’t even wear a mask. 

This past weekend, we went camping, tenting in the grass and trees. This was another past time that we as a family had previously enjoyed but had to give up as I would always become to sick to enjoy it. 

I am totally convinced that the treatments Dr. Liu gave me have helped me with my allergies and again have allowed me to enjoy the spring and summer seasons. 

I have never felt this good in 15 years or more. Only time will tell what tomorrow or next year will bring, as I have never experienced this before. I can only hope and trust in what this man was able to do for me. I truly feel that he honestly wants to help people with his ability to perform acupuncture. He is not trying to sell anything else except his ability to help people with his treatments.

S. Walker

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