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The Needle God Gains a Reputable Standing in HungaryWan Cheng Liu Serves Globally Using the Healing

Publication: Can Kou Xiao Xi (Reference News), China Budapest, December 11, 1996 Reporter: Hou Feng Jing Recently, a Hungarian newspaper devoted a whole section reporting on the remarkable medical skills of Chinese acupuncture doctor Wan Cheng Liu. The author of the article wrote: “Small needles in the hands of Wan Cheng Liu, can achieve a degree of magic. The needle enters and the sickness leaves.” Wan Cheng Liu is currently in his 40s, a Ph.D., originally the director of the Department of Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion Research of the Heilongjiang Research Center for Chinese Medicine. He was an apprentice of a well known acupuncture expert in China, Professor Qiu Mao Liang, the consultant to the International Acupuncture Academic Association. By the age of 36, after years of hard work under the tutelage of the finest in the field, Wan Cheng Liu came to the lime light in the field of Chinese medicine in mainland China, using acupuncture in a miracle-like fashion, curing people of stubborn illnesses, becoming a legend-like character. One time, in a record five minutes, he cured a visiting Turkish businessman of a functional asymmetry that resulted in sweating on only one side of the face. In a fit of delight, this key businessman couldn’t help exclaiming “Needle god, Needle god!” From this point in time, “Needle god” became Wan Cheng Liu’s nickname and that name propagated. In 1991, Wan Cheng Liu arrived in Hungary to practice medicine. The vice-president of the Chinese-Hungarian Alliance Federation, Dr. Aoyangduoke Eli, a Hungarian doctor very enthusiastic about promoting Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Europe, opened the first acupuncture clinic in Budapest. The perceptive Eli hired Wan Cheng Liu to operate the clinic. Starting here, on the shores of the Danube, Dr. Liu began a new chapter in his medical practice. Watching Wan Cheng Liu conduct an acupuncture session is like watching an artistic performance. He uses a unique needle insertion technique, lightly flicks the needle head and the filiform needle flies forward like an arrow leaving a bow string, penetrating the acupuncture point with precision. The patient feels no pain. The depth and method of penetration is entirely in the delicate control of Wan Chen Liu’s fingers with unlimited variations of movement like lifting, rotating, vibrating, and others. Wan Cheng Liu summarizes his acupuncture formula; “Prior to acupuncture, treat the soul. Aim for painless insertion of needles. The needles must bring about the state of moving “qi”. Extraction of needles is light.” His use of this extraordinary skill in other countries makes him the source of continuous accounts of medical brilliance. Mrs. Barna, the wife of the president of the Chinese-Hungarian Alliance Federation and well-known expert in Chinese culture Dr. Talas Barna, became unable to speak due to damage to the vocal cords caused by surgery. The hospital informed Mrs. Barna that the condition was permanent. This lady in her 50s found the news to be unbearable and decided that she did not want to live. Upon hearing this, Wan Cheng Liu swiftly stepped in to lend a helping hand. The first step was to calm her emotions. Then after four weeks of acupuncture, Mrs. Barna regained her ability to speak. Mrs. Ailuo, at 58 years of age was very well off financially, but not everything was perfect in her life. One day she suddenly suffered paralysis. The hospital diagnosed her with spinitis. After long term hospital treatment without results, Hungarian doctors announced that they could do nothing further. Mrs. Ailuo’s son located Wan Cheng Liu and requested acupuncture treatment for his hospitalized mother. However, the main doctors on the case in this particular hospital did not believe in the effectiveness of acupuncture, and initially denied Wan Cheng Liu access to the patient. After persistent requests from the patient’s family, the hospital finally ceded and agreed that there was nothing to lose in allowing Dr. Liu to perform acupuncture on the patient. After Wan Cheng Liu treated Mrs. Ailuo for a month, she was able to get out of bed and walk with support. The Hungarian doctors were amazed and forced to put aside their pride and congratulate this fellow healer from China. Mrs. Ailuo has since fully recovered. Every day she lives vibrantly, operating her antique/curio shop. Of the many types of ailments, Wan Cheng Liu is most expert at treating the common gynecological problem of terine fibroids, with a success rate greater than 90%. Currently all over the world, including Hungary, the standard medical treatment for fibroids is surgical removal, and sometimes with the removal of the entire uterus. Wan Cheng Liu depends on little silver needles to restore the health of many Hungarian women suffering from this affliction, removing the need for them to endure surgery. Elizabeth Haimucaier, a young woman with uterine fibroids was quite terrified, feeling that after surgery she would no longer be a “real woman”. After 50 acupuncture treatments by Wan Cheng Liu, she had a pelvic ultrasound performed at a hospital and discovered that the fibroids had completely disappeared. Haimucaier was very emotional saying that a Chinese doctor had given her a second chance to be a “real woman”. She praised the efficacy of acupuncture treatment. Wan Cheng Liu has become famous in Hungary. Chinese acupuncture is being accepted by an increasing number of people. People are coming for treatment in succession. These people include not only Hungarians, but also foreign nationals residing in Hungary (Americans, Japanese, Korean, Indonesians), these foreign nationals being diplomats, business people, and their families. Reporters from a Hungarian TV station also came to do interviews and recorded special programs. Wan Cheng Liu’s biography and photograph is also documented in an edition of the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals (Cambridge, England). One time, as a television interview with Wan Cheng Liu drew to a conclusion, the host asked Wan Cheng Liu what his pursuits were from this point forward. Wan Cheng Liu’s answer was quite simple: “I want continue healing more people here.” This really is his sincere wish. To a doctor from China, what can be more enticing than using the healing arts of one’s mother country to serve the world? Translator’s note: Some Hungarian names in this article have lost precision due to two-stage transliteration from Hungarian to Chinese to English.

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